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Bubble Shooter HD

Have you been looking for bubble shooter games, family games, puzzle games or arcade skill games? If so, why not take Bubble Shooter HD for a whirl? It's part of the totally addictive Bubble series where a player must shoot sticky bubbles to latch onto the descending array of bubbles. Sounds too easy doesn't it? What's the catch? Well, the colours must match for the bombs to go off and make a dent in the never-ending array. Look out for the diamonds too, hiding in the rough of bubbles. Talk about a great but gentle brain workout on a coffee break! Bubble Shooter HD offers many hours of fun for gamers across planet Earth. Already a bubble-shooting expert? Then give this one a go, with its relaxing music and particular brand of shooter! Break into this game today and join an international network of enthralled gamers, always trying to beat their last score?