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Kim's Shoe Designer

Are you ready to design the coolest pair of pumps or the most elegant high heels? If so, why not try out the popular design game Kim’s Shoe Designer? Kim himself bears more than a small resemblance to the most famous Kim of our times, and in the game you’ll be helping her choose the right styles, colours and more. The academy is designed to guide you through the process and become one of the most revered and talented designers around, creating footwear that doesn’t just serve its functional purpose but looks fantastic and wonderfully distinctive. It’s no wonder so many fashion-loving gamers are loving Kim’s Shoe Designer.
You can even take screenshots of your designs to show them off to friends once you are finished. Make your shoes distinctive by adding accessories like buckles, buttons and bows before you choose a print. There are flower, heart and star-shaped stamps you can use to give your shoes an extra magical touch. Why not explore the ultra-glamourous world of Kim’s Shoe Designer today?