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Solitaire Quest

Are you ready to play Solitaire Quest online? If so, why not get started today? Solitaire Quest is a thrilling card adventure which requires you to complete various challenging levels and play your cards correctly to work your way right up to the top. The game is built around the classic rules of Solitaire, and you need to collect cards that are one above and lower than your base card. You can make the game even more exciting by purchasing extras from the points you have earned. The game is pleasingly challenging and requires you to put your finest skills to the test so you can gain victory.
Jokers can be any card of your choosing, whilst you gain extra flexibility through extra cards. Third extra cards unlock gold cards that need to be captured so you can complete levels. Make your decisions wisely so you can end the level with the points that you need to score three cards. Why not do what so many others around the world have done and leap into the immersive and rewarding world of Solitaire Quest today?