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Grand Theft Auto V (B2P)
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Review - Grand Theft Auto V

(Today I proposed an another article for English friends, in the hope that they will be there. The article in question is "Perchè comprare un Pc conviene più di una console", one of my most viewed and popular articles I've ever published. I leave you to read.)

Released in 2013 for old-gen consoles and PCs and in 2014 for new-gen consoles by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto V is the twelfth installment in the saga, also considering spin-offs, action and dynamic adventure genre. The title created a grand hype, thanks also to the old chapters, but especially the previous GTA 4, which revolutionized the saga with its physics, a plot and characters created well and a beautiful map, in fact it is the third most sold video game ever , as well as being one of the most expensive in terms of development. A welcome was exceptional, with votes of 10 out of 10 from critics and the public earning 815.7 million in the first 24 hours after it went on sale.

Giocando a questo gioco, potrai ricevere 100 Gioca

The events take place in Los Santos, in a vast map with various settings that includes Los Santos, the desert, the countryside and the hills. The map is vast, one of the largest ever created in the history of video games, but on the other side of the coin it is not very "interactable", in the sense that the whole thing appears to be a background to our actions, and not an integral part of the actions.

The protagonists of the plot are:
Franklin, a black boy, belonging to a Grove Street sub-gang, who practices his profession in the luxury dealership "Premium Deluxe Motorsport", dealership that first sells you cars and then you come to pick up the vehicle in case you can not Pay.

Michael, a depressed and undecided family father, rich and former experienced gun robber, under the witness protection program. He has a spendthrift and unfaithful wife, an apathetic son who spends most of his time playing video games and drugging himself, and a daughter who seeks success and popularity in every way, even at the cost of his own dignity.

Giocando a questo gioco, potrai ricevere 100 Gioca

Trevor, a sociopathic and violent drug addict, forced to disappear from circulation due to a blow gone wrong and to move to a roulette in the wastelands that is the desert of Los Santos. To support himself, he founded the "Trevor Philips Industries", an organization where he deals with the sale of methamphetamine and weapons.

The shooting and combat scenes are great, both in the main story and around the map. The weapons are many, and they differ very much from each other, and with the willingness to always carry with us will ensure a fun gameplay, and also sometimes challenging.

So, my comment is: One of the most beautiful games of this generation that is closing. In technical terms spacc and vetrin (write in the comments if you have grasped the quote), above many other products released that year, the gameplay is fun, very varied, and with the main story, the secondary missions, random events, and maybe even general ca-eggio you will definitely play us more than a week. All that's missing is longevity and a more interacting map. Plus there is the online, working (almost) and unforgettable if played with friends.

My vote is:4.25/5

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