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Minecraft latest snapshots and the new upcoming update!

This review is about minecraft 1.17 what will come and what the snapshots have offered us players. We have new items, blocks, world generation and mobs. That's going to change minecrafts look forever so if you have a world from 1.16.3,4 and 5. Save it and don't explore too much of the world if you wan't to play the new update that will come in summer 2021. But this update is sick the cave biomes are awesome and you do want to explore them now instead of strip mining. I think old school people still will strip mine but i am pretty sure that won't work when you dig into a big cave. We are probably going to see many underground bases in summer. Many awesome youtube builder will get the new blocks and to some nice terraforming even to this new awesome caves. I would recommend to still have pretty good armor when going down there when it's in total darkness and many mobs will probably spawn. But the players won't only build i these new caves. I think the new mountain will get many players into them and into building in them to.

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Minecraft 1.17 are going to change the look of minecraft forever. New caves, new world generation and a ton of new mobs. The first thing we are going to read are the latest snapshot 21w05a. In this snapshot the cave generation has been added and you can go below 0 in the overworld and build much higher than before because of the huge mountains that will come in a later snapshot or they'll maybe drop it as a nuke in the update so we get suprised! There are new 2 new ores and one new stone that are called copper, amethyst and grimestone. Grimestone got added in the latest snapshot a copper and amethyst got into the game a few snapshots ago. Grimestone are generated below 0 and will replace the regular minecraft stone down there. amethyst ore are generated in a cave of purple/pink blocks and can be harvested by a iron,diamond and netherite pickaxe. The ore generation are changed to now diamonds are more common the longer you will go down so mining at Y level 12 or 11 is going to be really hard. A tip for you in this update NEVER EVER dig straight down.

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The new mobs are goats, Axolotls, The warden and the glow squid. The Axolotls can be tamed and they will spawn in a lush cave that is a new cave that will generate. The warden is a strong new boss and are very strong and will kill you easily with full netherite armor. You have a advantage on The warden. He can't see or hear anything so if you sneak and doesn't make any sound he won't come after you. The glow squid is just like a squid that glown and people think it will spawn below the surface in minecraft. The goats will spawn up in the new mountains and to be honest be careful, they cab launch you with their horns in survival mode and probably launch you off the mountain and if you're in a hardcore world, well that world is gone. Goats can also jump very high and they can walk with no problem on the new snowblock that will make you sink down if you don't have leather boots on. Also it seems like The warden will spawn below Y 0. Because as you can see in mojang's video or the picture above, there's grimestone around Warden.

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