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a few questions

05.11.2016, 16:03
(i turned my adblock off for this site. better be worth it)

i joined yesterday but didn't really have any time to use it so, i have some questions

1. is the daily login bonus REALLY 1 coin? i've read it was around 5 coins.
2. in the funzone, one ad equals how many bananas?
3. what is the recomended method (instead of buying them) to get bananas?

thanks a buch!
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RE: a few questions - 10.11.2016, 13:03
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Hey TwentyOneGamers,

the daily login bonus is limited to 5 bananas per day. You start with 1 banana and get each day one more (1,2,3,4,5,5,5,5,...).

The Fun Zone works in a different way. The ads are important and the time you spent there, playing active games. I am not allowed to give numbers in detail, sorry!

The best method to gain bananas is to do game tasks.

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