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A Game Register Page

13.08.2018, 17:23
I would reccommend a Game Register page for people who either want to put their games on the page, or submit a game on the site

this is something you dont really need to add but: people who submit their own game will get rewards like a badge, 100 to 1000 bannanas, and maybe a item to wear on your bannana that says "Bannanas Are Life!"

and im not quite sure if the developers of this site had already added this though
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RE: A Game Register Page - 13.08.2018, 22:00
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That is a wonderful idea however it is not that easy to add new games. The only reason we have a selected amount of games is because we require the developers to agree with certain things. Unfortunatly developers of certain games don't agree which means we can't offer that game.
Thanks for the idea but it is a lot harder to actually accomplish.
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