How does it work?
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Any tips?

31.01.2017, 11:06
Are there any tricks to raising my banana gain? i daily log-in, and watch as many ads as i can. Will it help if i level up? or what? does having friends raise the number? something someone plezzz
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RE: Any tips? - 01.02.2017, 14:32
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Hey Catman,

There are no tricks to gaining bananas it just takes patience and time... If you have the time and effort you can earn a lot. Every day you will get a daily log in bonus of 1, 2 ,3 etc... This will go up the more you login on Bananatic, maximum is 10 bananas a day from just logging in ;). The best way to earn bananas is by doing the offers and surveys in the Adverts section, in my personal opinion offers 1, 5, 6 are the best. Also you can try opening up Bananatic on your phones web browser and downloading apps for bananas this is another great method to gain those extra bananas. As of now leveling up on Bananatic doesn't have no affect but I'm sure in the future there will be much more to the user leveling up system.

Hope this helps ;)
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