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Better article layout wanted

23.07.2017, 13:21
I'am currenlty writing my second article for bananapedia and what I find a bit annoying is the very basic layout of the writing-interface.
To write your article you get 3 boxes where you can write 800 to 2000 characters and then only 2 boxes to upload or drag a picture in.
Maybe that layout can work for a short review, but I challenge you to write a decent tutorial or guide where you only can use two pictures. In a good tutorial or guide you need to show your readers what to do and that is best done with screenshots of the game followed by some text.

I understand that it's not possible to give the option of using unlimited pictures with every article you submit and that's not needed either, but my suggestion is that at least for a guide or tutorial you can use more pictures in an article than the two we have now.

I would suggest this.

Review : up to 5 screenshots can be used in your article.
Tuttorial & Guide : up to 10 screenshots can be used in you article.

If there's really more to tell you have to split up your article in two parts or so.

Next to the boxes you can write your article in every picture you upload should also have a box to write some text in.
Do not force people to write at least 800 characters in a box however. I think it would be better to make a total count of characters used in your article. Any article should have at least 2500 characters before it can be posted and to make things not too long a maximum of 10.000 for a review or 20.000 for a tutorial or guide.
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RE: Better article layout wanted - 24.07.2017, 04:30
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Thank you for your suggestion. We'll look at it to see if we can include more pictures. Also, we may soon change the character amount and give you more options. Bananapedia is stil new, so we appreciate all suggestions!
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