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CS:GO Skins are overpriced

07.06.2016, 19:09
I think the cs:go skins are really overpriced. Example: the Stattrak Ak-47 | Elite Build (Field Tested) is worth around 2.09$ and is 2100 bananas (10 bananas = 0.02$) so 2100 bananas is equal to 4.20$. The Steam wallet card (5$) is only 2500 bananas (5$) so a 5$ gift card would be easier to get than a 2$ skin.
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RE: CS:GO Skins are overpriced - 08.06.2016, 09:42
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As you know prices of skins change daily, now its $2.09, in a few days it can be $3+ or so. There will always be a difference between steam and our shop - but our shop gives them for free :)
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