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Engageme Tv questions

15.09.2017, 15:54
Hi! I have some questions about these offrs because its not really clear about the rules.
1.Am i allowed to have one of each opened at the same time? ' - Food Videos (Earn Unlimited Points!)
Watch awesome food videos and earn for every ad you watch! Your points will be fully credited every 3 ad watches.' sense it says unlimited i assume i can have one of the food, one of viral etc
2.I like to do the game quest to earn bannanas an i click the offers to open in a new window, while i have lets say sao legend game open in my main browser window, i let it run with 1 o each open 6 in total in their own new window, i had a total of 10-15 bannanas in each window under earnings yet i only got credited for about 9 total.My quesiton is do you have to have the engageme tv offers play in your main browser window an have it in view at full time? thnx
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