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Feedback when an article is rejected

30.07.2017, 20:31
I got another suggestion.

When you write an article for bananapedia and it gets rejected it would be very handy to know what's wrong with it.
How can you change anything and/or make it better if you don't know what you did wrong?

I wrote two articles already and they were approved, the third one I wrote in completely the same style suddenly gets rejected.
Why ? I don't know. It looks like a nice article to me but it seems some 'Goderator' has a different opinion on that but he/she is not telling me what's so bad in it that it gets rejected.

A bit easy this way I find. If this is the way moderators are reviewing then I ask myself the question if it's still worth to put so much time in writing an article. That's what I'am doing, when I write an article I don't write it in 30 minutes or so, I work a whole evening and/or night on it doing the research, selecting screenshots and writing. So, if something is wrong tell me, so I can change it, that's what every editor does.
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RE: Feedback when an article is rejected - 01.08.2017, 06:22
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The moderators are probably very busy and do not have time to edit every single article that gets submitted, however, I do wholeheartedly agree with you. A couple simple dot points or even a selection of preset messages on basically why the report got rejected & what would need to be changed would be very helpful.
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RE: Feedback when an article is rejected - 02.08.2017, 01:13
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Bananapedia was recently added to bananatic and is still in development so this is still very possible to be added to this feature. Thanks for the suggestions!
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