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Forge of Empires and Nutaku

20.09.2019, 15:41
First off, I'm trying to figure out what the third quest is wanting. 6 areas? Can somebody please clue me in on what that means because I can think of multiple options. I am going to head bang on the wall and go for the most likely until someone posts about it, and if I fail than fuck it, but it would be nice if someone gave me some direction since Banantic likes to be vague about how to to the mission's and what it wants out of you. Feel like I'm trying to interact with my girlfriend all over again.

Secondly, I'm having issues with Nutaku auto logging me in because I've played one of their other games before. Now this site isn't seeing me register, because technically I'm not, for the other games because of a universal account? I asked support and their attitude seemed to be that I can't register for quests on this site if I've played the game before. Ok, I HAVEN'T played that SPECIFIC game on Nutaku, but Nutaku uses an OVERALL account for their games?!?! What's going on here peoples!!!!!
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