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Game registration

06.01.2019, 21:15
Ok so I finally decided to write about this after a long time trying to solve this problem. I use the link to register to the game, verify my e-mail and complete the task. Ok. But then I check and the registration is still pending? I wait. I send a screenshot proving that I've verified my e-mail. Time runs out and I try again. I even receive a notification on my browser (as I have allowed browser notifications from bananatic) telling me to play these games. I, thinking my screenshot has been accepted, go to the game page and see that the registration is STILL pending. BRUH WHAT?

If you want to help this poor person on the other side of the screen, here are some info:

I use firefox browser
The games I've been trying to play are those 18+ games (they reward a satisfactory amount of bananas and do not require download!)
I did delete my history, cache, cookies, etc before I registered
Verified my e-mail used to register to the game
Sent screenshot twice showing the e-mail verification
Did not receive any notice telling whether my screenshots have been approved or not
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RE: Game registration - 16.01.2019, 21:48
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