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Having the most difficult time ever

02.05.2020, 23:05
I want to start out by saying i love the concepts of this website and the overall idea. But, nothing seems to be working for me. Registering for the games most of the time are not counting and when I go to submit a request it is denied. I am no longer allowed to submit a request for the game for registering and i am level 16 for one of the games. When I go into chat my messages do not show up. When I leave a message through facebook messenger, nobody ever responds. The support will not let me send my message, the website does not refresh. i seem to be unable to contact or communicate with anyone on this website. When I do try to submit a game for bananas it takes a long time to get a response. Please, I am trying to understand.
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RE: Having the most difficult time ever - 03.05.2020, 06:22
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Contact us by support, please have in mind that there is only one open ticket allowed - that may be the reason you can not create a new one.
Close open ticket and create new one, our staff is responding within 48h to everyone.
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