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Help with Steam Key

18.06.2017, 23:33
Sorry if this or a similar question has been asked before (I just wanted to see if there are different solutions). So I know that to obtain a Steam Key/s, we have to complete Quest 1 in a game. I did just that, provided a screenshot and they approved my completion. But I don't know what comes after this? Whenever I click on the treasure chest, it just repeats the same instructions for me to finish Quest 1. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go to obtain the key/s.
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RE: Help with Steam Key - 19.06.2017, 07:46
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You're doing it correctly. I had to complete a few quests to obtain it. Also I waited a few days after completing them. File a support ticket or contact our social media pages for further assistance or if there is an error with the site or your account.

Hope this helps!
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RE: Help with Steam Key - 20.06.2017, 06:29
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Takes up to 48 hours to send key. If you clicked on the treasure first, and then registered and completed a game quest, then it should be sent fine.
You can also check your 'Prizes' option in your Settings Menu.
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