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30.07.2017, 04:43
hi there
i have won a paysafecardvoucher through bananabet but the voucher is in us and can not use it on some websites such as bingo etc if i send admin a support ticket can they sort it out and send a voucher for uk users etc

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i won a paysafecard voucher through bananabet lottery and its in usd. i cannot use it on sites such as bingo etc if i send admin a support ticket do you think they can change it to a euro paysafecard so i can use it on sites such as bingo etc

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RE: hi - 30.07.2017, 22:12
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Hi there!
Glad to be of your assistance today!I think that the administration support might change it into a gift card for the UK but I am pretty sure that it should say on the gift card if it is granted to a specific country.Did it not say that that on the gift card?If so then contact administration support and request them to change it into a usable country-valid gift card.It might be difficult though because the end value may come out into cents or dollars that can't be expended into a gift card such as $13.00.I will check in to see if that's the case.File a support ticket to administer support.
Enjoy your day till then!
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