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How do I actually add a game to my account?

12.06.2017, 19:29
For example: Warframe. I don't actually see an option to add it to my account on here so I can earn banannas through it. I already have an account with the game itself but I don't see a way to link this site to my account.
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RE: How do I actually add a game to my account? - 16.06.2017, 05:32
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Hi, sorry it wouldn't be possible to incorporate existing accounts that people have with games, into our system.

The idea is for people to try out new games we feature on our site, so you'd have to make a new account, register again and always launch from Bananatic.
If you have an existing account this may also mean you may have to use a different browser to use Bananatic, or clear cache and cookies.

The quests should be easy for you at least, as you already know the game :)
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