How does it work?
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i can only start one quest what's wrong?

29.12.2017, 03:36
the only game i can do its quests is bleach online...
the other games give me that problem

Got a problem registering to a game? Can't start any of the quests?
The most common issues:
1. You didn't confirm your email after registering a game - check your email folders. A small delay with quest unlock is possible until this process is completed.
2. You've already played the selected game so this info is stored in the browser cookies and can conflict - clear your browser or use a different or newly-installed browser.
3. In client-based games some data from a previous/existing account can be stored in the registry - you can use cleaner software to clear this.
4. Software such as Adblock may also block the transmitted data and cause problems with completing a registration - turn it off.
5. You're not using the bananatic site designed for your location.
Try a new registration and log into the game to unlock quests....

what's wrong? what can i do about it?
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RE: i can only start one quest what's wrong? - 29.12.2017, 19:00
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Clear your cache and chrome data.Sometimes when you have played a game before,it's old data will be stored and the site will render it as if it's still there.Go to chrome://history if your on chrome and if not go the history of your browser and click clear browsing data.It will show up a box of what to delete including cache,cookies,adobe,etc.Check all of them and click clear and then try again.If the problem persists,please don't hesitate to contact me via friend request.
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