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i WIN Amazon $5 (CA)

31.07.2017, 11:24
Can i get bananas instead i dont need it anymore?
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RE: i WIN Amazon $5 (CA) - 31.07.2017, 14:55
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Hi!My name is TheLegendaryVegetable and I'm glad to be assisting you today.
You cannot refund gift cards I believe.If you didn't need it then why did you win it?We don't do this for 3 reasons.

1)It might be considered a scam deal.Say for instance a player gets a $10 Gift Card.They have already used all the money in it and they still want to refund it.We wouldn't know if the money has been drained from it or not because the only way to find out is to use it and using it would take the money out.They would then get their 5000 SCAM Bananas and use them quickly before we can remove it from their account.That would create many problems for the economy of Bananatic.

2)If you WON a gift card from BananaBet then, of course, you saved money since a ticket to enter the bet cost way less than the actual thing.You, therefore, spent 300 Bananas for a ticket and got a 5000 Banana-Worth item.

3)Do it at your own risk.Think if you need it or not because if you bought it and now don't need it what was the point of purchasing it?

Enjoy your day!
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