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Introducing PayPal!

04.09.2018, 14:04
Hello banana fellows! We have been hard at work to form deals and contracts with companies and we have now done it! We are introducing the extremely popular service known as PayPal! PayPal is available on just about every payment processor online which is why it is such a big edition to the site. Loads of you guys have requested this E-Card and now it's finally here! The redemption process to get a gift card will, be different than the others however.

- You must be 18 years of age as directed by PayPal's policy. We are not responsible if you aren't 18 years of age and choose to ignore this message.
- To avoid traffic and spam, you must link a PayPal account to ensure you actually have PayPal.
- You must be atleast level 4 or above on your account. In the future it will be available to all level users.

The section will automatically unlock once your PayPal account is linked. We will never record, share or tamper with your personal data ever. The connect feature is there just to ensure verification and so we know you actually are using the PayPal cards.

That's all banana folks! More gift cards and updates are soon to come so stay tuned! Have a good day!
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RE: Introducing PayPal! - 05.09.2019, 00:31
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I'm having trouble trying to connect my paypal. The window just spins
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