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Key Trading (Steam)

24.10.2017, 19:26
Would anybody on this site like to trade unused Steam keys with me? I have two I don't quite need and would be willing to trade. These are Caveman World and Turn Around. I'll take most offers, send me a message and friend request.

Mods, if possible, instead of deleting this post for not being a question, could you add a trading tab? There are tons of duplicate and free keys on this site, and the worst are given out all the time. A trading tab for games would be great. Thanks!
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RE: Key Trading (Steam) - 25.10.2017, 18:36
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We won't delete it.You can put it in the Discussion tab or this tab.It is a question BTW.Alot of people have actually requested a trading tab.We are working on it.The last update was recent so we need a bit of time.
Thank you,Have a good day.
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