How does it work?
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25.10.2017, 15:28
Hello, I'm pretty sure most of you guys have experienced this but a lot of times you cannot start quests because it doesn't say you have registered yet even though you have. For example, I downloaded Never Winter which is a HUGE game which takes a lot of space and time to download but after I downloaded it still doesn't allow me to start my missions therefore even though I waited for about a week. I have contacted the support to fix this problem however it still hasn't been solved even though it has been 4 days. This was the same problem for about more than half of my games that I have downloaded, also half of the game forums are all about registration not working, therefore, I think we should remove the registration process and get on with the quests straight away. Ofcourse you do get experience for registering but I think people prefer to get on with the quests right away rather than getting a bit of experience.

I think we should just have "Fill in your in-game name" box and "start quests" button to make our bananatic experience much quicker and convenient.

Please comment whether you agree or not and the reason behind your opinion. Thank you for reading
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RE: NO REGISTERATION! - 25.10.2017, 21:47
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I sometimes feel the same way with the registration too.However, if you register by clicking on the play button instead of directly going to the game site then it might work.I clicked on the direct play button in the Game Quest section and then it redirected me to the game website.I registered from there and CONFIRMED my email.Confirming your email is very important.Once confirmed,head back to the site (refresh a couple of times and wait about 10 minutes to get the badge).
I also feel that it should be only entering in your username but it can actually be used as a cheat method.Random people who might not have even made an account on bananatic could just log in through their friend's account, enter their username and get the bananas.Registering is part of a verification process.

*We are trying our best to implement another way to get the site to verify that you have downloaded it, but keep in mind, it does take some time and it is complicated to think of another way.
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RE: NO REGISTERATION! - 26.10.2017, 13:24
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Hi there, try 2 times, if still nothing - please contact our support! No point to do it 10x :)
They will give you advices first, and if you still have the same issue, they will ask for your registration screens and provide them to the game publisher. That may help us to find the cause of that, its kind of annoying for us as well.
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