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Prizes locked?

09.12.2017, 16:34
why is it that my prizes are locked due to varification.? It says I need to keep playing games and what nots for the verification process to be quicker...I have claimed other small prizes without that I went to claim a $10 steam key I am locked?. I log in every day and play stuff.... it has almost been 2 weeks and I still cant access my prize.. do I have to earn another 5000 bananas before you will give me a prize with the bananas I have already earnt?.
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RE: Prizes locked? - 11.12.2017, 21:58
Shazam Merlin Leader
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Hello Cactus512,
Your prizes are either locked due to being new or due to your account being used in multiple places. I suggest to do like 2 quest for a game then contact support and they should be able to remove your verification!
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RE: Prizes locked? - 14.12.2017, 18:55
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