How does it work?
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Record Videos

27.10.2017, 19:57
How come everytime I click on Record Video, it tells me, "Temporary Unavailable"? Will it ever come on, or do I have to be online at a specific time of the day?
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RE: Record Videos - 28.10.2017, 01:40
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I'm pretty sure that they just haven't gotten 'round to implementing this. I think I've seen them say that they are working hard to make sure this is available in the next update of the website.
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RE: Record Videos - 29.10.2017, 04:19
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Hi guys, this feature is live in other regions, especially in Poland, our longest-running site.

We hope to implement in soon, but are monitoring its status for now, to ensure it will contribute to the overall site effectively.
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