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Registrations and Quests do not complete/reward

02.06.2019, 15:08
It seems like nearly every single game/registration/quest does not get completed even though I have done so. I have uploaded multiple screenshots for most of them. Sansara requires me to play for 40 minutes, which I have done, yet no reward for completion. I don't know how to prove this with a screenshot. I have been playing several other games, but most, if not all, do not progress whatsoever. I have had to stop playing some of them until registrations or quests are verified. I love the site and concept, but if it doesn't work there is no point in me continuing. I tried putting in a support ticket, but the submit button doesn't even work. I would appreciate any help/feedback.
Update: Subscribed to notifications for reward only to receive nothing. Uploaded screenshots of registration verifications, one of which that literally says: "Verification Complete! Your email address has been verified." It was denied.
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RE: Registrations and Quests do not complete/reward - 03.06.2019, 04:48
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Registration some times need time. Right now you have registration in 4 games, one of them is Sansar. After registration you will see tasks.
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