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Rip off on bananas

30.04.2017, 22:09
I traded my $11.31 csgo skin for bananas and recived only $2 worth of bananas and i want to know what the logic is behind that because i was going to sell it on steam for $11 but instead i wanted to get $11 in bananas but apparently it doesnt work like that. This makes me a tad bit mad if you cant tell already but please tell me what the logic behind that is. And if its ok i would like my other $9 in bananas please and thank you
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RE: Rip off on bananas - 01.05.2017, 13:41
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This is external provider, we do not decide the selling price. What was the skin?
All skins are sold to g2a and price of them is the same as on their website, let me know the name of the csgo skin i will double check that
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