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Special Quest

13.08.2017, 07:59
"Continue the game and achieve the highest levels" what i have to do? i dont understand this last quest for 800 bananas, can someone expalin to me :D ? thanks ;)
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RE: Special Quest - 14.08.2017, 14:02
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Hey I'm YT_Sergiogaming and I am happy to assist you today!
So... could you tell me first the name of the game you are having difficulties with ?I might be able to help you then...
But I think that you just need to go to the furthest level you can achieve...
There also might be a maximum amount of levels...
I hope that helped you
Plz put a helpful sign and check out my profile...
Thanks ;)
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RE: Special Quest - 15.08.2017, 20:00
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Thanks for helping a citizen YT_SergioGaming.It helps everyone including us.Keep up the good work!
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