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13.04.2017, 15:55
Hello bananatic,
Recently I have played on your website and I am wondering if I could get sponsored by you guys. I will advertise your website on my youtube which is getting an average 1000 - 5000 views a video. My recent video has gotten over 100 comments 50 likes and 1 k views with having it out for less than a day. Message me if interested
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RE: Sponsor - 05.05.2017, 05:48
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Hi, yes we would be interested:) Could you please contact us via the Support Tab and include your Youtube link. We will check it out asap.

We're also looking for a Forum Moderator, someone who knows our games, can write about them and help people and improve the site.
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RE: Sponsor - 06.06.2017, 10:56
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This is kinda cool I wish I could apply but I don't think I could
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RE: Sponsor - 23.11.2017, 20:03
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