How does it work?
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Subject: "Bananabet"

25.02.2017, 17:51
Hello community.

Bananatic also has a "betting system".

Disclaimer: betting can be addictive. Consider this and use it (even if it is "bananas") at your own risk!

Under: you can open wagers, bets and win wagers!

How does it work?
Very easily. For example, do you want to not spend many bananas on a skin? Then click on "Add price", go to the item you want,
Click "Win" and let people come in. If all the seats are occupied, the wheel starts to turn and selects a winner.

PS: You do not pay the full price for the skin to join. How much you need is there. Likewise, you can increase your chances and re-enter. Keep in mind, however, that betting can be addictive.

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