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Subject: "Read this before you start a game!"

25.02.2017, 18:12
Hello Bananatic Community.

Before each of you tries new games, everyone should know that you should use a clean browser.

Quests will only be unlocked, and progress if you are registered clean (+ if possible).
To do this, each browser game is stored either on your computer or in the browser file.

To play or test games without problems, we ask you a clean browser on your computer
Has not yet been downloaded, use it and log in to Bananatic and register in the desired game (without any Adblocker, Addons, etc.).

We are constantly asking questions why the user was not released. In our system it is displayed whether you have just pressed the Play button and whether you have registered afterwards also clean. If our system has the guarantee of a smooth registration, you will be asked for your user name on the Bananatic site and you can start to quests.
Many of you users have followed the tips and have successfully stamped these tips.

So before I hunt you on admins, the mentioned tips or problem solving tries and turn then if it still does not go, to the support under:

Bananatic Team
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