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@ support button still not working

11.02.2019, 19:51
I was hoping someone from support would have seen my last 2 posts (on separate topics). Would support please look into my 5$ amazon code, it is not in the correct format for an amazon code, it is way way way too long for the 14-15 digit code that amazon uses. Also the funzone is still not letting me choose to watch optional ads in game (specifically little farm clicker, which cannot be progressed past a certain point without them, and i love that little game).

As a side note some people stated that @ support wouldn't work without javascript enabled. i made sure it was, tested it, disabled it, tested, and reenabled, and tested it luck.
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RE: @ support button still not working - 14.02.2019, 17:00
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Contact support via Facebook or Discord and we will gladly help you out! The thing is that, the code we have given is correct but it just needs to be re-written.
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