How does it work?
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Trade Times

12.05.2017, 02:28
I think maybe setting up a bot system would bring a lot more people in, and keep a lot of people here on the website, since winning a skin in a raffle it's been just over 24 hours to recieve my trade, so, I probably won't be coming back to use the site since there's alternatives out there which trade a lot quicker than here, I'm not trying to purposely cause an argument or criticise in a negative way, I'm just saying I bet a lot of people are drawn away from the website when it takes 2 days to receive a skin, that's all
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RE: Trade Times - 14.05.2017, 08:13
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Hi there thank-you for the suggestion :) We do have a verification process, so people who are active and quest-achievers who have been approved become' automatic' and receive skins much quicker, some just few minutes.
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RE: Trade Times - 19.05.2017, 10:56
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yeah that would be cool
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RE: Trade Times - 06.05.2020, 18:29
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I think would be fantastic, good suggest
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