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treasure chest prize

24.07.2017, 21:56
i have not recived my treasure chest prize i completed the reqirements i still havent recived it yet.
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RE: treasure chest prize - 28.07.2017, 09:39
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Did you re-click on the treasure chest after completing the task? If so and everything is completed but you still didn't receive the chest please file a support ticket.
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RE: treasure chest prize - 28.07.2017, 22:46
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Hi!My name is TheLegendaryVegetable.I am a moderator on the Bananatic site and I'm glad to be of your assistance today.Please follow my steps carefully.

Make sure your quest was completed and verified. and was NOT rejected.Make sure you were playing an Active game and not one that wasn't should be in the search filters or have a label right next to them.Keep in mind this is excluding the game you did in the 2x event.

And most importantly, patience!Wait at least 24 or 48 hours and refresh the page a couple of times.If none of the steps above I listed worked,please file a support ticket at the bottom of the page and the admins will check in with you.
Thanks, enjoy your day.
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