How does it work?
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What is CSGO Gem?

28.02.2019, 03:01
CSGO Gem is a notorious and well known website known for gambling CSGO skins worth $10 and going all the way up to knifes worth $1000. How the website works is similar to a random number generator. First the player puts in an item, and selects a multiplier from numbers like 2x, 3x and even 10x. For the 2x multiplier the player has a 49% chance to win and has to choose to choose either 49 and under or 51 or over. Then the random generator spits out a number from 0-100 and if you’re lucky enough and it was under 49 or 51, your skin will be upgraded to another skin worth 2x its value. However, while your at it do be careful. After all, it is gambling!
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