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what to do if you already have the game

14.04.2017, 00:19
Getting banana's from game quests is neat and all, but a problem I came across while using the site was that I had already used both my email acounts to create an account on a game.
this happened with warframe. a game i already play and highly enjoy.
my suggestion is for you to add some quests for people who already play the game. these don't have to give as much or any banana's as regersting a new account would.
the quests could be something along the lines of play X amount of hours in the game, or getting a certain high level weapon.

this is just my idea on a way to give some small rewards to people who already play the game. if this suggestion doesn't get used that's fine. it was just my ideas that I wanted to share.
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RE: what to do if you already have the game - 18.04.2017, 08:12
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Hi there, yes it's better to try and use a different web browser for your Bananatic account with a game you already have an account with, to avoid conflicts.
At present the quests have to be verified through our site but yes, thank-you for the suggestion:) - noted.
Obviously the site works well for people to try out different games and features on Bananatic over time. As the site grows who knows but still quite early days!
Thanks again and stay tuned!
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