How does it work?
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03.08.2016, 12:22
ivE played 2 games that says they will give me bananas but they did'nt
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RE: WTF - 03.08.2016, 20:41
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Same. I then saw that there's a message saying that way of earning is in beta, so that's probably why.
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RE: WTF - 06.08.2016, 09:07
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Hello tches3890 and Mr. Mayor,

To unlock further quests and get bananas the registration must pass smoothly – you must begin with a click on the "play" button on which redirects to the game website, register there and confirm email received from the publisher (sometimes it is required to download the game and log into it to unlock the quests).

The best solution is to use another, clean browser - log in to the, chose your game and click Play again conducting registration to another email. If the game requires the installation, all previous entries must be removed from the registry.
Also remember to uninstall Adblock and similar plugins as they might cause trouble.

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