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Best airplane games

Best airplane games

Ever dream of flying? Does the thought of commandeering a plane get your hands sweaty and your blood pumping? While the real thing may be a little difficult to achieve, the next best alternative is always available. The gaming world is packed with airplane simulations as well as arcade-style games that make parodies of the flight sequence to provide players with a fun filled experience.

Whether the game is a 3D simulation, a shooter plane game or a fantasy flight sequence-if the graphics and the interaction of the game and the player are good; the game is sure to be popular.

Airplane games are simple in concept but is a genius in concept. They allow players to act as controllers and handle flights as they take off and land on runways. The concept may sound easy, but the details and the levels provided by the game are quite intricate.

War Thunder is a game over at Bananatic that fulfils mankind’s basic fantasy: to fly - or fight? The game gives the players control over the plane's weapons and customizations to pitch up through varying conditions and dogfighting scenarios. The controls are all in the hand of the player, and the job is to get the plane back safe and sound with so many other player’s around.