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Best battle games

Best battle games

Battle games are more complex than any other genre in the fighting category, as they combine the planning required in strategy games, the resilience and quick action required in combat games and all the mystique of the fantasy genre. These battle games are usually simulations, taking the players into a virtual reality. However, there are some that stick to the genre of abstract gaming, where the players can enjoy the easy atmosphere of the game.

To experience the brutality of warfare, as well as the quick wit and agile thinking of strategizing, battle games are the way to go. These games allow the player to create their little worlds within a whole universe, giving players the options of creating, training and battling their armies against other players and enemies. To truly put your gaming skills to the test, battle games are the way to go.

Sparta: War of Empire is one such game that adheres to the characteristics of the battle genre. The game requires players to build their city, recruit and train an army to battle against the enemies of Sparta. Another game that makes it to the best battle games list is Metal Assault. The game is set in fictional warzone and approaches the scenes in a way that gives the players the ultimate sense of continuation and interaction.

World of Warships is a very popular battle game that takes a historical approach to the chain of battle command. The game shares resources with other titles from Wargaming focus like World of Tanks.