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Free racing games

Free racing games

For those gamers who prefer being behind the wheel and would much rather be out on the streets driving, the market has produced racing games. These games require high speed and quick reaction time from the players. Most racing games are usually in first or third person and feature a range of landscapes and environment that change as the race progresses.

Racing games can be one of two types: arcade style or simulations. Simulations require players to follow the rules of driving in the real world, including slowing down to turn and using indicators while changing lanes. Arcade games are more fun; they allow players to gain momentum by over speeding.

The internet holds a vast array of free racing games to choose from, expanding across a range of subgenres featuring both categories of racing games. This array includes games that can be played on various platforms and settings.

To play popular and trending free racing games, the player simply has to access one of the numerous websites available on the internet that provides access to free racing games. These websites, which include the likes of Miniclip and gametop, allow players to access any game within their servers for free- without the need for any registration or account.

Another way to access free racing games is to download them directly onto a portable device. Games such as monster truck and uphill dash can be accessed from the play store directly onto mobiles and tablets to be played while offline for practice and to provide entertainment when bored.