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any way to change the quest 2 ?

24.02.2019, 19:45
so i know that everyones getting not the same quests (saw it in comments) and the quest 2 of World of Tanks for me is to get 30 badges (Honorary Rank) which will take days if not weeks to finish and there is also a timer "limit" for the quest its its a little bit ... impossible (or just too hard). so i would like to know if i (you) can change the quest 2 ... OR maybe there is something that i didnt understand and the quest is not that hard.
would like to see ur answers.
thx .
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RE: any way to change the quest 2 ? - 23.07.2019, 12:55
Xantia29 Newby
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For the quest number 2 you just have to play games not too bad and you will manage to have rewards to see them you must be in your garage then you will have to go into service then click on reward
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