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Elvenar is a calm, relaxed and collective building game that is based on the fantasy world which is somewhat exciting for newly entered gamers. Players are able to pick a side of either 'Human' or 'Elven' civilisation and they can have the opportunity to build their settlement from an entirely new surface. Although it does not necessarily matter which side you are on, you can help support each other from within the same clan. You can offer your clan with resources and training and develop a strong army to battle other clans from gathering the necessary resources and training from your empire. All buildings and decorations are placed with resources you get from the initial tutorial, you are able to grow your settlement from those buildings as there are only 3 currencies known as gold, materials, and diamond.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In the image, you can see my settlement as I have chosen the elven side civilisation. I could expand my area by completing quests and finishing special quests like seasonal events which help towards advancing my settlement. Traditionally the RPG style of gameplay allows you to upgrade and advance certain buildings so from the image I have upgraded my gold making buildings and I am still continuing to upgrade my material buildings however the decorations I have placed allows me to increase the likely hood of the people in my settlement. Having more likes will advance your ranking in the world leaderboard for the particular server and you can gain treasures along the way. The game can sometimes be considered boring as you have to wait for money to be collected and materials to be gathered but usually, it is worth waiting.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The inventory of materials can be found at the main hall which tells you what your upkeep is like and shows how well you are performing, the ranking points determine your overall rank on the game server, and standard goods can be acquired from the appropriate buildings which can be bought from upgrading your intelligent.

Overall the game is calm and reasonably enjoyable at times however the downside is that you have to wait a long time to upgrade or collect items from buildings etc. As a newcomer, this game is very inviting but for a long-term player it can be boring as it does not show much of what the game does, for example, there is not enough to do rather than collect materials and upgrade stuff also attack/negotiate with provinces to claim land for intelligence. Other than that the game is quintessential in its own way.
5.0 (1)
Author Edsnowey
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