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How to become better at parkour!

Hey guys today I will teach you how to become a better parkourer, if that's a word, in minecraft! I have compiled a list of only four simple steps and one trick to help you become a parkour master! However, don't think you can go from not being able to jump to a parkour master in a matter of minutes. If you want to be really good at parkour you are going to have to practice. Speaking of practicing that brings us to the first way to get good at parkour! Tip number one is to sit down, go to or some other minecraft map website and find a few parkour maps that interest you. Here is a link to minecraft maps, . Then download and play these parkour maps, play them multiple times if you like them and time yourself. If you time yourself to see how fast you can complete each map you can determine your growth!
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Another way to make yourself a parkour master is to create a new world, place a block down, then place another block down four blocks away from the initial block. Make sure these blocks are four blocks apart, then jump between them as many times as possible. A jump with a distance of four blocks in between each block is called a quad jump. This is the hardest jump a minecraft player can perform without any potion boosts. So, if you can master this jump all the other jumps should feel easy as cake! Set small goals for yourself such as succesfully do five out of twenty-five quad jumps. Then when that becomes easy increase your goal until you can hit the infamous quad jump more than fifteen times out of twenty-five. Another thing to practice relating to quad jumps are jumps that are three blocks across but go up one block. If you can master these as well you will be set!
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The third tip to increasing your parkour skills is performing ladder jumps. Oftentimes ladder parkour is overlooked. However, increasing your skill at ladder parkour is an excellent way to increase your overall parkour skill! The final tip for improving your parkour abilities is figuring out the best route. Basically, what this means is that you have to find the best route to reach the end goal. For example if there are ten quad jumps to get to the same spot as a stretch of ladder parkour brings you to then choose the side that best fits you. If you are amazing at hitting quad jumps but still struggle with ladder parkour then don't go the ladder parkour route. Finally, the trick to becoming better at parkour is to take advantage of the LControl key on your keyboard. This button allows you to non-stop sprint so you don't have to double tap the W button. In tight spaces with little room this simple tip could end up saving you many times.
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