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How to choose what Minecraft mode to play in

Minecraft is a popular game and if you are just getting into the game this guide is here to help you decide what kind of mode you want to play in. There are Three modes that you can really play in: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative. I will tell you which one is best for you and if you're playing survival what difficulty to put it in. Survival is a type where you have to gather things to protect yourself from monsters. You will have to learn how to craft and make shelters in order to make things. The longer you play, the better things you get. In survival there are four difficulties of monsters. Peaceful (No monsters) Easy, Medium and Hard. If you die you can re-spawn and continue where you left off. Hardcore is like survival but much harder, the game is locked in Hard mode and once you die you're dead forever. Creative is where you can't die and have anything you want so you can build things and be 'creative'
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If you like video games more for the playing part, Survival is for you. There is a lot to do and it can give you a challenge while not being super hard. You can explore the lands to find resources and go underground to find more valuables. You can make farms or just kill animals for food. If you're not very good at fighting I would suggest playing on easy difficulty. If you want a more casual game, just put it on peaceful so you don't have to fight and you also don't have to eat! If you like games for the challenge of it, you could play on hard mode or play hardcore mode. I think it's best to play a little bit of normal survival before going into hardcore mode just because once you die you're dead forever. Once you get the hang of it hardcore mode is fun and a good challenge for those who like it.
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If you like the creative or slow-paced aspects of games or just want to build things for fun, creative mode is the way to go. When playing in creative mode you have all the blocks in your inventory already so you don't have to go and find them. You also are invincible so monsters can't kill you and usually they don't even try to attack you if you're in creative mode. Another thing you can do in creative mod is you can fly. This is good for building tall structures with out having to have ways to get up to the top and just makes building easier. You can still die by going to the very bottom of the world and falling out but nothing else will kill you. Minecraft has game modes for everyone and what ever kind of games you like you can play in Minecraft. The best part is you can have multiple worlds which means you can have one or more of each game type. I hope this has helped and you have fun playing this awesome game!
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