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Why You Should Buy Minecraft

Minecraft is a first person adventure building game which has struck the heart of millions of fans worldwide. Minecraft states it is a game about building different things and going on adventures and it is just that. Play with your friends and survive the monsters together, or go alone and listen for the zombies arrival. Or, go into creative mode and build whatever you want with the many materials and resources available. Minecraft is a very addictive game that encourages creativity and inspires kids to build whatever they want. There's never a boring moment in Minecraft. You can even submit your creations to the developers! So if you want a game that will help you to be a more creative person, a game that updates constantly, and a game that you can enjoy with friends, then buy Minecraft today and join the 9 million worldwide players in the crafting community.
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Minecraft was created by Markus Persson, codename Notch, who is a Swedish video game designer known for the development of Minecraft. He created the computer and mobile versions as well. He left his job to work on Minecraft full time and is very proud of what came out of that hard work. However, he has now stopped working on Minecraft due to him selling it to Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars. Notch has also participated in Ludum Dare competitions, creating many indie games. His success made him one of the richest and most influential game developers of the 21st century. The game company is Mojang, founded by Notch. Since the release of Minecraft Monjang has released another game called Scrolls. Minecraft has also spread around on PS4 and XBOX ONE consoles as well as mobile and Microsoft or Mac computers.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Some fun examples of things to do in Minecraft:
-Go on survival mode and defeat the Creepers and Zombies - Make tunnels and caves
-Blow up pre-made buildings - Trap your friends and make them stuck somewhere
-Make a farm and put animals in a pen - Show off your skills online
-Make a roller coaster using cart tracks - Mine precious stones like diamond or gold.
-Battle your friends in a competition of some sort - Create YouTube tutorials of how to build different things in Minecraft.
-Play online with people in MiniGames - Find hacks and tricks to build better and cooler things.
The possibilities are endless!
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