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Team Fortress 2
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This is my opinion of this game called Team Fortress 2

You will get moments like this which i think is too funny and why i like this game and all kinds of moments on whatever mode your on like Mann vs machine or casual with loads of gamemodes to play and moments from custom made servers from around the world
In the pic below is me on Mann vs machine where depend of what map your on you and 5 other people defend Mann co from hordes of killer robots.
Competitive means game face on for putting all experience and skills on the line against another team of 6
Casual has about 12 game modes to play from like payload, king of the hill, Control points, Attack & Defense, and so much more
As seen below is taunt known as high five where you high with your teammates or enemies and there a loads more some towards a certain class but some are taunts for all classes
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
from time to time valve will give you free hat drops of any kind just like you see below this was my very first hat drop given to me by valve and if your lucky enough you might one of those lucky people to get a hat/cosmetic drop from valve so keep an eye out and this goes the same for weapons and crates of any kind and the crates usually depend on which event or update just recently happen like recent update was the tough break update so we either weapon boxes or cosmetic boxes which you have to pay a certain amount to open it for in which it has a range of cosmetics for all of the 9 classes in the game the scout the solider the pyro the demoman the heavy the engineer the medic the sniper and the spy and sometimes costmetic can given free during holiday events like Halloween by doing some stuff for merasmus every October
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In my opinion this game is like so much fun i can never stop playing it i rate 10/10 because this game had wide range of things to do casual gameplay competitive gameplay Mann vs machine custom games and practicing with and against bots and i would recommend this game to your friends if they like this kind of shooter game because as well for those who don't know it is free 2 play and it has been since middle of 2011.
These are what you have to do in the following gamemodes payload you have 2 teams blu pushes a bomb and red has to stop them all costs and with up top at least 10 maps.
Attack and Defense: Blu attacks by capture points and red duty is to stop them and defend the objective
King of the kill: your objective on both sides is to capture controle point in the middle of the map and hold for 3 minutes
5.0 (1)
Author Sir_Harris96
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