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How to start a fightclub

This guide is for something a bit different then getting better weapons or progressing through the star chart. this guide is about starting fight clubs?
"fight clubs? what are those?" fight clubs are basically ways to get enemies to fight each-other in this game.

instead of taking part and murdering them all like the awesome space ninja you are, you sit back and watch them duke it out with each other. Now does that sound fun to you? No? then you can stop reading now and get back to something that's more worth your time.

no really. im not being sarcastic here. if you don't find the idea of enemies fighting each other fun then you can leave now. you have nothing to loose really.

Ok. now if you said "yes" then let me get you started. there are 2 ways to go about this.

First get yourself 5000 to 10000 credits. this isn't hard to do at all so don't worry. simply go to Venus and fight your way to the dark sector defense node or go there if you already have it unlocked. now leave as soon as you can at wave 5 and boom! 10000 credits in your pockets just like that.

next go to any f the relays. the one on mercury is the easiest to get to. once your there enter the menu and select the fast travel option.
choose the "cephalon simaris" option. this teleports you to a room in the relay that is owned by this big glowing yellow orb.

talk to him by pressing X. (works on PC Xbox and PS4.) go through his dialog options and listen to what he says (or don't if you don't care enough).

once he is done taking offer him to help build his sanctuary. (if you want to know more about the sanctuary simaris or anything else lore related its best to look it up on the wiki. to much to explain here.) then buy 2 to 4 of his 2500 credit costing scanners. I'll include a picture bellow to show you what they look like.

now either leave the relay and go back to your ship or just select the arsenal from the relay menu.(continued bellow)
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Go down to the bottom of the list and select gear. now equip the gear to one of the slots. now when you press Q while playing the game you will bring up the gear wheel and can select the scanner from it.

you can still do this even if you use a controller like I do. (note that what im about to tell might not work on the ps4 and Xbox one editions of warframe. I can't really test this either since i play on PC) First slot the scanner into gear slot 1. that's the gear slot at the very top of the wheel.

now open up the menu and go to the controller key bindings. then set "gear slot 1" to a certain button. I set mine to r3 or right stick press. so now whenever I press in the right stick i pull out my scanner.

Ok. now that you have the scanner its time to start getting reputation for cephalon simaris. you can get a bit from just scanning random enemies but you get more from doing simaris's daily tasks.

I could explain how his daily tasks work here but your honestly better just searching for "simaris daily tasks" or just "simaris daily." on youtube. trust me the video's people have made will explain it a lot better then me writing it down here.

So now that you have scanned a few things you need to keep scanning until you have 50000 reputation. I know this seems totally bonkers but just slow down and take your time with it.

the reputation you can get with simaris is 1000 plus another 1000 per mastery level you are. so that means if your mastery level 5 you would be able to get a maximum of 6000 simaris reputation per day.

so just take it slow don't fret about getting this done ASP and come back to this guide another day if you can't get anymore rep today.

Alright so now that you finally have 50000 rep, you have 2 choices. #1 is what you have been aiming for this entire time. "The simulacrum access key". if your feeling fed up by now just go ahead and buy it. but if your ok with getting another 50000 rep then get the "sol battery widget."
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I'll include a handy picture of both of them above so you know what they look like. anyway the reason you would want the "sol battery widget' is because how much work it might save you in the long run. it makes your scanner charges unlimited so you don't have to spend anymore credits on them. and it means you can always see through walls since scanners let you do that.

Ok so now that you have the "simulacrum access key" your good to go. simply go back to the relay and go back to the room with simaris in it. next to the entrance of the room. (just start walking away from simaris) there is a blue light that says "enter Simularcum" press X and Congratulations! now you can spawn whatever you have fully scanned in the Simulacrum.

and don't worry its not hard to fully scan something at all. all you have to do is scan something 10 times, like a grineer lancer and done. you can now spawn lancers in the Simulacrum.

and if you haven't got the Sol battery widget and don't want to spend that much credits just but a few codex scanners from the market. they only cost 500 credits each.

one last thing about spawing enemies though. they will attack and try to kill you. and if you do it kills them and resets the arena.

to avoid this bring a warframe that can go stealth like loki and go invisible. if your invisibility is lasting way to short or you don't have loki then climb all the way to the top of one of the pillars. enemies might still attack you up there but they are much more likely not to.

Alright. now that all that is done its time to explain the second way you can get this done. first get yourself nyx or just prime and then cast chaos on a group of enemies, if you want them to stay still bring a buddy with equinox or Ivara and put them to sleep. Sorry about the second part of the guide being so short.

and i Know the entire guide is a bit all over the place but its hard to explain things with just text. when bananatic makes videos available I'll re do the entire thing
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