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What do I thing about Fortnite

Fortnite is not a bad game, espcialy for a free-to-play third person shooted that Epic Games made. The game is changing from day to day and some people like the new stuff, but for some others its just a change that they will take some time to get used to it. Personally I thing Epic is doing good with the map changes and the story of the Game. Season 1 is nothing like This current season (Chapter 2 Season 2) and the game is non stop updating and becoming even more big to explore. If you haven't played Fortnite or you you have played like 2-3 times, its the time to jump in the game. If you don't have a good PC you can buy a console and play with 60 FPS and have fun with your friends. Fortnite is THE Gaming Spot for friends to hang out. Even if you play from Mobile or PC or Console you can Cross Platform play with your friend that probably has a console or a PC. Thats the good part of the game..... The Cross Play feature that boosted the game even more You can play Arena (a competitive matchmaking mode that finds players with an equal playing skill) and try your luck with the tournaments if you ever get to the Tournaments Rank.

I thing it worth your time and its a good game in overall and every now and then they put a new gamemode and they have creative mode so you can make your own island .Creative is the Gamemode that boosted my channel with my custom story mode series .You can get some views if you make fortnite videos and you will have fun at the same time as you livestreaming or recording a video .Creative has some Player Creation Island that you can try with your friends .Creative has more things every time so you can make your own gamemode .Creative is a nice feature that Epic Games added to the Game .With creative you can of cource let your creativity make something cool .If you make a good Island and you post it in public and you have your own custom Island ID people can play to your island .You will need a Creator Code and if you want a support a creator code you can watch a video to see how you can get one .With that way you can win some money .If someone buy something and they spent 10.000 Vbucks you get 5 Bucks in your account

I promise you that you will never get bored if you make your friends play the game or play with some other players in duos & squads .Fortnite has a story mode too .Its called Save The World and it costs some money .You can of cource find the best time when epic will make a price drop and you can buy it much cheaper .You can earn VBucks from there and you can buy some materrials for your Save The World Story mode or buy Skins .Fortnite has its own way to give you back if you play the game and you complete the missions .Fortnite has the Free Pass and the Battle Pass .Battle pass costs 950 VBucks and Free Pass as the word says its free for our friends who can't put VBucks .Fortnite does some epic events with E P I C rewards if you complete the missions .So in overall the game is a completed game with story mode (Paid) and a Battle Royale (Free) so you will have good times hanging out with your friends and playing Creative or Battle Royale or any other mode .I will give a solid 4.5/5 stars to this game

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