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Best action games

Best action games

Let's just put the harsh truth out there: humans love violence. There are times when everyone feels like punching someone in the face or taking out their frustration on another person. While that may not be possible in real life for fear of harm to another collaborative human, the action genre provides exceptionally in this department. So be it a rough day, or the love for guts and gore, the action game category has it all.

While games may be classified into different genres, there’s no denying that action is the underlying genre among all of them. From tactical battle games to patient strategy games, all have the underlying tension and raw emotion that exists in an n action game. So, to get your heart pumping and your pulse pounding, choose one of the best action games at Bananatic and proceed to play your battles like they did in the old days-only on screen.

Star Trek Online is a tribute to the well-loved universe that provides a player with plenty of action including PvP. From the impeccable writing to the commanding team-building and customization options, Star Trek is the dream of every avid gamer. The game is an MMO, which allows the players to choose their teams and opponents as well as interact with their companions.

Another impeccable action game, World of Tanks is a combination of some of the best action games to date. The game is from Wargaming and gives players a high-octane adventure onscreen. The game is an MMO and provides the ultimate experience of fighting against AI enemies as well as other opponents in teams. Both games are available for free on Bananatic.