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Best strategy games

Best strategy games

Strategy games are a broad category: from wargames that require careful planning to simple card games to action-packed combat games- if it requires planning and attention to detail, it's a part of this treasure chest of games. Strategy games ask for diligence during the games, and the genre contains something for everyone. Most of these games are available to buy online, while some can be accessed for free play.

Even though strategy games know no genre, it is a certified fact that PC games are more popular and more intricately developed as compared to mobile games or those games which you can play off the web.  The genre is expanding daily at Bananatic to include more games with 3D technology features that allow players to interact with their characters on a deeper level than ever before.

What makes a PC game good is a combination of game components, from the storyline to the character development to the intricacy of the levels. A good PC game comprises of a good backstory to the character and challenging levels that reel in the player in and keep them occupied for hours.

One of the best strategy games is Ikarium, a video game that allows players to build and develop a community from prehistoric times to the future through a series of well-planned moves and tactics. Another significant addition to the list is Vast Wars. This game perfects the real-time strategy sub genre and perfectly captures the essence of strategy gaming. It’s based around the criminal underworld where you must carve your crime lord into a veritable leader by balancing correctly the range of crime-lord qualities.